Video editing software for Android

Modern Android based plane-tables or smartphones possess a lot of functions such as making calls, sending messages, watching videos, making photos etc. Besides, these modern gadgets give the users an opportunity of downloading numerous applications which give much more options. For example, video editing software for Android provide gadgets’ owners with such abilities as cutting videos into separate clips, making beautiful transitions between them, showing information about the places of survey in the underside of a screen (creeping line), making a slideshow of eventual photos, an extra audio track, editing photo, video and audio materials without any need to convert. It’s a pity but video editing is not the strongest point of Android and there is no ‘ideal’ application which could be universal. Some of them have a very comfortable interface but refuse to work on videos made with the camera of a smartphone, the others have different kinds of titres but cannot edit mp3 tracks.

Magisto is one of the most successful examples of video editing applications. With its help you can create clips just with a couple dozens of taps. It does everything else itself – cutting videos into clips, installing transitions, making effects, cutting off the odd fragments and so on. It also boasts an extra audio track, the function of recognizing faces and other pleasant options. Besides, all the process occurs on a remote server so you can leave your gadget and do everything you want – it won’t influence the process. The only disadvantage of Magisto is quite a long period of creating a clip. It can take you from 5-10 minutes to an hour. The detailed instruction of installing and using the software can be easily found in the global web:

Another popular variant is AndroVid. Its main functions are cutting, dividing and merging clips, video effects and rotating, saving shots and audio tracks, converting (in paid version). The main window of an application is shown on a screenshot. You can also see a list of icons and the buttons of tuning in the upper side of the screen. The program is very useful for editing separate video files but has only basic options for editing a whole video of several separate clips. You can find more information about this application and other versions of video editing software for Android in the internet.