Useful online dating tips

There's nothing easier than online communicating and dating: you don’t trouble about how you look, don’t feel confused and don’t think if it is normal to speak to a stranger. But online communicating has its secret rules and, if you want to avoid uncomfortable situation you would better follow them.

#1 Rule: Install only live pictures

Just imagine what a surprise it will be if you and your dating partner decided to meet in real life and wouldn’t be able to recognize each other. If you are not a model, don’t use pictures of models with 90-60-90 parameters. Show your own beauty and individuality, let your face be happy and smiling, and your potential dating partners will surely appreciate all this.

#2 Rule: Not too much of naked body

Naked parts of your body can neither surprise nor attract a person today. If you are going to take your online communicating in the web seriously, don’t look vulgar. Sometimes it is much better to be covered as much as it is possible and remain a kind of some puzzle for a partner during some period.

#3 Rule: think over your nickname

Today’s users are sick of all these Kitties, Beauties and Night Queens. Create some original and beautiful word or combination, or just use your real name. Anyway, it won’t sound worse than Princess or Kitty.

#4 Rule: Be sincere nobody

Don’t try to intrigue the partners with the help of storytelling. Of course, stories attract attention but they may become the reason of your parting with a very nice person in future because nobody likes to feel cheated.

#5 Rule: Don’t tell too much about yourself

It doesn’t mean being insincere, it just means that your can frighten the partner with too big flow of information about yourself or too strict views and judgments. Don’t advertise your bad relations in the family and don’t claim you are going to have 6 children and no less. Your opinions can change tomorrow so dont’ be so hard and fast.

#6 Rule: Be open

This means you have to be ready to exchange numbers and arrange meetings. Nobody forces you to spend hours on the phone or the whole day with a man/woman you don’t know very well but live communicating is the only way to get to know more about the partner and build real relations with him/her. Going to the café is the best way of spending the first date: calm and comfortable atmosphere can further you communication and doesn’t suppose spending all the day together.

Following these useful tips you will make your online dating process most easy, comfortable and pleasant.