Urban style clothes

Urban clothes can be defined as a style of urban citizens which are represented by office workers, students, slobs and a lot of other categories. It is some mix of sporty, classics and casual. We cannot say that any component has some privileges over the others because urban style doesn’t imply any strict rules.

Urban style clothes is comfortable and, at the same time, quite respectable. To understand the subject better, let us observe several essential articles of clothes which are typical for urban style and can describe it more distinctly.

Everyday urban clothes

Everyday urban clothes is generally presented by stylish and brand casual clothes. It fits going to work as well as having picnics with friends. This type of urban clothes unites:
  • all kinds of jeanswear;
  • different kinds of casual trousers;
  • casual jackets and cardigans;
  • classical blouses, casual shirts, T-shirts and simple tops;
  • comfortable shoes and boots (flat ballets, sneakers, flat boots);
  • mini and midi cashmere coats;
  • simple longed pullovers and large knitted sweaters;
  • shorts and short casual skirts;
  • little dresses;
  • casual and sporty hats;
  • big bags and postman bags.

All these articles can make lots of combinations according with the aim of going out, your individual preferences and mood.

Urban chic

Urban chic is an evening variant of urban clothes. Intended for appearance in public, urban chic sets usually include:
  • tight trousers and midi/maxi length skirts;
  • light dresses with prints and maxis;
  • high heeled shoes and boots;
  • silky blouses and tops;
  • expensive suits;
  • designers’ hats, scarves and neckerchiefs;
  • exclusive bijouterie;
  • long cardigans and pullovers;
  • big bags.

Don’t be afraid to make ‘unimaginable’ combinations. Sometimes they look really perfect.

Useful tips on buying urban clothes

As we see, there are some pieces of urban clothes which can make a basis and, having changed some article or having added an accessory, we can turn an everyday set of clothes into a chic set for evening going out. If you have several basic items in your wardrobe you need just little planning of future purchases which will combine well with most things you have. The best way to carry this task out is doing some drawing. Even if you are not an artist it will help you understand what you really need and what images you can create.