Speed dating parties for single men and women

Simple way to find a partner

It’s a pity to state that, but, in spite of having numerous ways of communication contemporary people have problems with finding their halves and making couples. The tempo of their lives is so quick that they have no time even for speaking with each other. A lot of people remain single till the end of their lives. Sometimes these people have problems when intercourse with surrounding world and people and sometimes they just are too shy and have complexes. To help them, there were invented such kinds of dating as online dating and speed dating.

The appearance of speed dating and its rules

Speed dating as a quick way to find a partner first appeared in Los Angeles in 1998. His ‘father’ was a psychologist Yakov Devo. His aim was to create some special atmosphere which would significantly simplify the process of finding each other and creating a family. Since that time, the original kind of dating has spread all over the world and enjoys great popularity nowadays. It is so demanded that people sign for speed dating parties beforehand.

During the party the equal quantity of women and men gather in the hall. Every man and woman sit down opposite each other. They’ve got just several minutes to exchange information, glances and get the first impression about the potential partner. Each of them has a questionnaire where they can rate him or her. After a definite period the bell is ringing, women and men change their seats and communicate with a new partner. At the end of the party all the participants’ questionnaire are checked and, if the positive impression of two people about each other coincide,

How to get a result

Statistics rehearsal shows that the results of quick dating parties are very positive almost a half of participants connect their partners after the event, build new relations, make couples or get married. Another rehearsal shows that every single person can find a partner for cohabitation having visited up to ten speed dating meetings. So, if you are still single and wish to meet your future wife or a husband, sign for such a meeting. After that make a short list of most important questions you are going to ask (you will hardly have enough time to create new ones during the meeting). And, by the way, don’t forget about looking nice, having a friendly smile on your face and being yourself.