How to protect your phone

The popularity of the devices on the Android platform is not going to stop growing. This portable operating system has gained a huge amount of followings because of its openness policy. The Android platform allows us to customize our OS in the way we like, modify it and add all sorts of applications. Flexibility of Android is an obvious plus of this system.
At the moment, it is found more than 50 Trojan for OS Android. Demand for tablets and smartphones is growing rapidly, and thereby it enhances the interest of the developers of malicious software.

Today there are more and more news about problems with viruses on the Google Android Market.

To protect yourself as a member, you have just not to forget about some of the rules of safe behavior on the Internet.
  1. Download applications only from trusted sources
  2. Install updates as soon as they become available
  3. Install an antivirus
Though mobile OS is more secure than PCs, but extra protection will not be extra. Currently, experts in the field of security of the company Lookout web counted 30,000 viruses - a year ago there were only 250. Over the past 12 months with the mobile malware encountered six million users. So there is nothing more to add except the fact that antivirus for smartphone is a necessary thing. In comparison with the results of testing conducted at the beginning of this year, the efficiency of virus detection security programs for Android reached Windows. Eight packages of active applications exhibit more than 98% virus used in the test, the remaining four - at least 93%.

For Android at the moment the most popular Antivirus is considered to be AVG Antivirus. Proven on working on PC antivirus produced a very handy app for Android. It has both free and paid package AVG and provides many useful things: protection against malicious software, protection against theft and much more.
Of course, this will not protect Android from viruses at 100%, but if you follow all the items presented in info graphics about safe online behavior and subsequent manual, you will reduce the risk to a minimum. Do not rely solely on any programs or verified sites. Your safety depends on your conscience and you willing to keep your phone safe.