Portrait Photography

Photography is a rich industry, which includes separate genres. One of this genres is Portrait photography. Its aim is to demonstrate the expression, the mood and the thoughts of the object through a photo. This genre is also called portraiture. In portratuire the focus always falls on the face, though the background and the torso of the subject is also viewed. The origin of this genre corresponds with the creation of photography itself. The time dates back to the medial nineteenth century. At those times the subject was usually disposed ahead of a plain background and was photographed only once as it was not an inexpensive service.

Later, as the time passed, lots of new techniques were drawn forward and photography developed its genres. As portrait photography also prospered every element and every nuance was taken into account. From now on the accent fall on the supporting lighting. Lighting is very important for taking photos, as it helps to stress the features needed. Perhaps the basic lighting plan is three-point lighting. It intends to use three and sometimes even four lightings to show every detail of the feature. This plan includes three main lights, which are: key-light, fill light and accent-light. The goal of the key-light is to bring forward white while drawing back black into a plane. Hence the subject gets shape! Fill-light is used to take into command the dissimilarity in the scenery. While accent-light intends to stress the subject at the same time separating it from the background.

When the photographer uses two lights placing one straight in front of the object and placing the other just beneath the subject’s face, a new style of photography lighting comes along. This style is named as Butterfly lighting. In this case a strong light falls on the upper side of the face emphasizing the nose, upper cheeks and forehead of the subject. The shadow below the face is similar to a butterfly. This style got its name just from that particular shadow.

Just from the foundation of portrait photography windows have been used as sources of light and decoration. Window portratuire is one of the beloved styles for photographers till now.

Nowadays each photographer chooses an individual approach to his work. One loves to stress not only the face, but also the upper torso. Next one loves to use the environment to affect on the portrait. Everything is individual and depends on the object and the purpose of photographing. A loving couple, a happy family, an employee, a candidate for some event… everything matters.