Photo editing software for Android

Photo editing programs are the most popular category of Mobile application software. Nowadays new photo editing software is coming out more often. Because of that photographers have great choice of photo editors on their Android device. It is important to follow the upgrades and to know which of these apps are the most appropriate at the moment.

The first of such kind of editors is small and wonderful photo editor called Snapseed. It was first released only for iOS and later transform for OS Android. It features by its impressive functionality and this program is absolutely free. Among the great amount of useful and familiar tools it is needed to distinguish the correction, pixel settings, cropping, sharpening, etc. But the highlight of this editor is the opportunities of Selective adjust.

Another excellent photo editor from the creators of the famous Photoshop Online and popular application that called Pixlr-o-matic is Pixlr Express. It is a qualitative photo and image editing program that includes a lot of different color filters, frames and has such possibilities as touching up, radial and linear blurring and color splashing. It also has a tool of auto fixing that is the most interest one. Using that tool you can instantly make the colors of your photo more realistic.

The next on our list is a fun little editor called Photoshop Touch from Photoshop Touch. Unfortunately, such app. Is working only on the tablets those run on OS Android. Photoshop Touch can be called the most functional f program from this list. Using Photoshop Touch you can work with layers, selection tools and adding of text. It costs 10 backs that is not so much for its functionality.

Photo Editor - application with a simple name, but with many abilities. It has a lot of advanced functions. Its interface is not the most beautiful interface, but is quite comfortable one.