Online antivirus

The experts, who are engaged in computer safety, recommend carrying out regularly full check on presence of viruses, to reveal them and to destroy. Now, apart from check by usual antivirus there was a chance to carry out check on viruses online.

Advantages of such scanning are obvious, and the main thing it that interference is bear come out not by one antivirus as it happens usually, and a important capacity of programs revealing dangerous programs. Well and certainly one more pleasant moment is that the effect of check can be seen practically at once.

The majority of services offering possibility to check up separate files or all documents to viruses are similar the structure. There are two variants. It or you load a file causing in you suspicion on a site, and then it is checked. Or (if it is essential full check) download to itself the client then full check is already carried out.

Popular online antivirus:

Virus Total
One of the most commodious means for check is Virus Total. Its main advantages are:
  1. Free;
  2. Fast detection of hearts, viruses and other harmful programs;
  3. Use of several anti-virus systems;
  4. Updating of virus bases in a mode online;
  5. Detailed results for each anti-virus decision.

It is considerable that after check of a file or full check is finished, you will see the entire account of each antivirus separately.

One more free service of check online is called Jotti. Here also check of the computer by set of different antivirus is carried out. But the maximal file size loaded on the server is limited 15 MB.

Dr. Web
Probably, the most popular online scanner is Dr. Web. By means of it you can check not only separate files on viruses, but also send links for check on viruses and other potentially dangerous software. Sending of files occurs by means of an Internet observer. Files are thus loaded on the server. Upon termination of receive the entire account.

But nevertheless the leader on detection of the harmful software is Kaspersky antivirus with hourly updating of databases. So even most the viruses will not filter by.
Check a service on online antivirus existing huge set so any person can choose that will be pleasant to it. But thus offered list more reliable.