Mobile monitoring software

There are a lot of companies, that provide their employees with cell phones. Such mobiles are intended to be used only for work purposes. But, unfortunately, the world doesn’t feel the lack of irresponsible workers, which use their company’s belongings. Nowadays modern technologies can help companies to follow the activities of their employees.

Internet security software

Your PC is a kind of machine which is often under attack. Viruses, Adware, Spyware are hiding somewhere behind and attack when they need to - while user is searching something in the Web or downloading. Sure, you can try to avoid them by yourself, but it's also very dangerous.

Free crm software

Free crm software - is the system by which every company will be able to easily manage relationships with its customers. This system makes it possible to seamlessly track information about client relationships, to learn about their wishes, solve common problems and to set certain tasks. Thanks to free crm software company can establish good ties with your customers and build a very strong relationship with them and explore their new parties to consider their wishes in the future.

The best virus protection

There is a risk being attacked by virus anywhere you use any software or download any apps, music, film and etc. To protect your computer or mobile from the harmful viruses it is necessary to install software which will take care of your device and let you know when the virus will be catch from the internet.

Free call for Android

Android is a mobile operating system invented by Google. It has become very popular all over the world because it’s easy to use and there are many benefits when compared with other operating systems. In my opinion the most important advantage of Android is that you can make calls completely free provided you have a WiFi connection.

Free SMS for Android

When you for the first time bought Android- phone, you definitely want to use all the advantages that it provide. The most powerful, which became well-spread during a few last years, are free messaging feature which allows sending messages like SMS through the Internet. In this article presented three hottest and the most used apps of spring 2014.

How to find your phone

Different situations connected with our smart phones happen every day. Our everyday activity inseparably linked with using smart phones to be always on line, to have ability to be connected with other people and other such important reasons, that’s why we need our device to be safe. But in a hurry we usually forget about the location of smart phone and think that it is always near - in a pocket, on a table or a bag.

Free antivirus for mobil

To protect the mobile phone it is unessential to buy expensive antivirus programs. There are the free decisions providing effective protection. We will consider best of them

Photo editing software for Android

Photo editing programs are the most popular category of Mobile application software. Nowadays new photo editing software is coming out more often. Because of that photographers have great choice of photo editors on their Android device. It is important to follow the upgrades and to know which of these apps are the most appropriate at the moment.

Cloud antiviruses

An emergence of cloud computing and the growth of their popularity entailed special cloud anti-virus software.
- Panda Cloud Antivirus
- Immunet Protect
- Pervx


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