Winter clothes

One of the most important elements of winter, is warm clothes. Proper clothes help people to deal successfully with severe colds and not to get ill. The most important cloth for winter is perhaps the coat! A good coat is a staple in a wardrobe in cold season. Coats differ depending on material and price. The company of production matters as well. Wool is undoubtedly the warmest material for coats, which have various fashionable designs due to famous designers. Coats made of wool provide warmth of the body at the same time allowing body to breath. But, if winter is not so cold and there is a probability of rain, wool coats become not suitable. They become wet and retain moisture.

Gabardine, nylon, leather and cashmere are used as well for winter clothes and especially coats. But nowadays the youth usually wear practice and comfortable coats, which are stylish and don’t cost much. This kind of winter coats are usually made of synthetic fabric and are called sport jackets. The most famous brands of sport clothes as Puma, Adidas, Nike and many others produce winter jackets for both women and men. Children wear sport overcoats as well. The material of such cloths keeps the warmth of the body within the coat and doesn’t let the cold to penetrate through the coat.

One of the beloved cloth elements for women have always been fur coats. Usual animal sources for fur clothing include fox, rabbit, mink, chinchilla, seals, otters and many others. Though fur coats are very luxurious and stylish, there are some countries which ban killing animals for fur production. They call it violence, while women call it “a necessity in a wardrobe”! Fur coats keep warm not letting cold pass through its material, but they are very heavy. So one must be ready to carry a “luggage” to look extremely fashionable and glamorous! Buying a fur coat is also an investment due to its high price.

Leaving house and getting out to the street in winter one must remember not only about coats, but also about insulated boots, warm jackets and sweaters, winter socks, base layers, gloves, woolen scarves and hats. These elements of clothes prevent one from getting cold and keep warm. But they must be of a good quality, made by warm materials and comfortable.