Muslim dating sites.

In the 21st century to find the great love or a contemporary love mate is not a difficult task. Though physical intercourse is the main way to discover a personality’s character, there is another way to communicate with new people without meeting them personally. The great net called the Internet gives single people an opportunity to find their second halves or at least to get compatible partners through dating sites. These kind of sites are viewed quite acceptable and respectable not labeling online daters as inappropriate or strange. Dating sites are created to familiarize people from different countries, different social statuses and different beliefs, as the main driving factor in human communication is the similarity of world-understanding. But, there are people, who consider belief as the most important thing in couples’ affairs. Just taking into granted this fact, a lot of Muslim dating sites were established. The advantage of these sites is that people, who get introduced to each other have at least one but very important common feature-the fate!

Perhaps the most famous Muslim dating site is Muslima ( This site is very easy in use due to its nice design and the large selection of members. Muslima has the largest quantity of monthly visitors within all Muslim dating sites. This amount is 1 100 000 visitors per month! The total number of registered people is 5 million Muslims.

Next Muslim dating site, which is as famous as the previous one, but with less members registered, is Qiran ( There are over 3 million Muslim registered on this site, which want to find their second half within those, who share their belief. The number of monthly visitors of this site, is 320 000 people. But there is a zip code ban for the search of people, which are found only by state. Some people find it not comfortable to be registered at least for three months, but the site requirement forbids to register in this site just for a month.

Another Muslim dating site, which helps a lot of people to find their ideal marriage partner, is single Muslim ( There are over 500 000 Muslims registered on this site.

Muslims can look for their love as well as in Nikah ( This matrimonial site is specialized to find Muslim mates through easy use of the plenty of search options. The number of potential mates visited this site is 21 000.,,,, are also Muslim dating sites, which offer the meeting of different Muslims, which quite often lead to happy marriages. Though these sites are all paid, there is a great chance to find the true love from another part of the world who shares your Muslim belief!