Mobile dating services for singles wishing to make couples

Mobile dating and its peculiarities

Such service as mobile dating first appeared in 2003 and now it is one of the most popular and demanded services for single people wishing to find a partner for flirt, friendship, live dating, sexual relations, making a couple or creating a family. One of its peculiarities is using such mobile services as sending short messages, mobile internet or chatting. Mobile services allow to make mobile dating more intensive and frequent than usual online communicating, because we use mobile phones very quickly ant take them everywhere, so there is too little possibility to miss a message and quite a big chance to read and answer it in time.

Services offered by mobile dating sites

The profile of mobile dating site user is contained both on the site in the global web and in the user’s phone as his or her account with a nickname and short questionnaire which usually contains information about the user’s age, sex and sexual orientation, likes and dislikes. The user has a possibility to compare his profile with the others and use special filters to find the most matching profiles. Some mobile dating sites offer their clients homing device service which allows to define if a person you liked is in 10 meters’ area. Most sites also provide users with th e service of ‘one-to-one’ calls. Such videocalls give more live effect than chatting and, at the same time, are less confusing than real time dating.

Updated variants of mobile dating

Today mobile dating has become one of IPad and Android Applications. This allows carrying out all activities and services without the necessity to store all the information on a website. Nowadays the percent of mobile dating calls and visits reaches 40% among all online dating services and, in the nearest future; it is going to grow up.

Negative moments of phone dating

Although mobile dating has bright perspectives, it also has its negative features as any other dating service. For example, a lot of users admit the poor quality of cell phone pictures in comparison with the pictures made by a camera and installed on dating websites. The result of this is higher activity of users regarding to bright beauties which lowers the chances of nice and positive persons whose photos are not so quality. But modern technologies will definitely change the situation in the shortest time.

Another point is that many users consider mobile dating to be a little troublesome and prefer the accustomed online dating services. Of course, tastes differ and every way of finding a partner will have its own fans.