Live Chat as a Technology for the Future

Just imagine the possibilities of live chat! Nowadays it is often used as a tremendously effective selling tool. You can visit a site or an internet-shop and ask your questions about diverse products spontaneously, receiving instant replies. Indeed the live chats can be an effective replacement for e-mail and phone calls. Certainly these great possibilities became real thanks to live chat software.

For example, OCC live chat support system offers a wide range of services, among which one perhaps would be interested in the simultaneous online translation by means of Google translate. These possibilities will enable you to communicate with the whole world, with customers from different countries without the demand to speak numerous foreign languages. You can actually break the language and culture barriers into tiny pieces. Perhaps it is interesting to know that over 18 000 websites are already using the OCC software and support.

Another type of software for live chat is JivoSite. It combines the beneficial traits of many different live chat options. The main advantage of JivoSite is simplisity. One can easily use it, communicating with 5 different customers at a time, while a phone call is always limited to two people speaking. The professional version includes many profitable features, such as the transcription of chats to e-mail, information about the visitors, quick phrases and typing insight, which all could be very helpful in your everyday business needs and activities. I counted 18 valuable features in the professional software product!

Perhaps one of the best livechat software is LiveChat. It offers a possibility to satisfy the customer needs and to accompany the buyer of your product through the places where he/she can have questions. In the case with LiveChat you can communicate with 10 people at once? increasing your wins and profits.

So, the live chat software is a technology for the future - your prosperious and active well-being in all times starting from the moment you decide to use live chat products.