Holiday clothes

The obsession towards clothes is what units women and men. It doesn’t matter whether one’s wardrobe is stuffed with different clothes or not, one approaching occasion is enough to make one’s thoughts into a mess! What to wear not to look ordinary, but at the same time not to catch scorching and astonished looks?! To answer this question one must just take into account the kind of occasion he is to attend.

Perhaps the most prominent occasion is a wedding, especially if it is your wedding. In this case the answer what to wear seems simple, though there are lots of details which are not less important. The suit of the groom and the bridal gown focus attention of all the guests.

The guests always evaluate every detail including the make-up, the hairstyle, the dress, the accessories and the whole attire in general. Every bride wants to look perfect on the most important and special day of her life. That’s why she needs to take into consideration both the design of the wedding dress and the way it suits her body. Perhaps the most famous designer of wedding dresses is Vera Wang, who has specialized in creating the most beautiful wedding dresses ever made!

What refers to weddings when one is just a guest, he or she can wear special clothes of brighter and more luxurious style than their everyday clothes. The little black dress, which gained popularity due to Chanel, is actual for any kind of occasion. But, anyway, to look more adorable, one should choose brighter clothes. Such clothes may have glaring elements, gowns or special ornaments. Evening and cocktail dresses are also suitable for wedding parties, birthday parties and anniversaries.

Not a less important occasion is one’s first date, when one wants to look his best! But, as a rule, one prefers more modest and elegant clothes for that day, as the first impression is quite essential. A tidy suit for men and a little black dress or a nice skirt with a light blouse is suitable to look reasonable and intelligent.

Nowadays lots of occasions are held in lounge bars and night clubs. Most often this establishments require special dress code and anyone invited has to obey this rule. As it is accepted, one can wear glamorous short dresses and high-heeled shoes for such parties. Tight jeans or short skirts accompanied with extravagant tops are also well acknowledged.

So, many occasions happen in a human life, when one gets an opportunity to show off himself. You can put on your best clothes, put a little bit brighter make-up and your beloved high-heeled shoes to fascinate and enchant with your alluring look!