Hippie clothes

Hippie style is very controversial and always cause a lot of debates. You can like it or not but it never leaves you indifferent. Because hippie clothing combines freedom, brightness and endless flight of the fancy. It was not just a fashion it was a lifestyle. Their desire for freedom and unity with nature, could not affect on their clothes.

Hippie clothing is very bright and colorful. There are popular floral and geometric ornaments. The shape and cut of such clothing is wide and sometimes even baggy. Natural fabrics and materials such as cotton, silk, wool, leather, linen are in the priority. There can be met the unusual combinations of knitwear and leather. Ethnic patterns and elements can be complemented by handmade accessories. It makes the hippie style even brighter and more beautiful. There are a lot of models of dresses in hippie style but they all are united by free cutting and comfort. They also do not hold down the movements. The length of the dresses can be very different: from the short models to the maxi-length ones. Hippie dresses can be decorated with ruffles, flounces, beads, leather, fringe and lace.

Jeans are an essential attribute of hippie style. They can be ragged, flared, with the effect of antiquity, in cowboy style or just strongly flared. Such jeans almost always have an interesting decor: leather fringe, embroidery, wooden beads. Except the jeans the hippie style is characterized by denim skirts, vests, jackets and shorts. Hippie skirts have the echoes of east. As a rule it is a long bright skirt with ethnic patterns and motifs. They may have multiple layers and the liner. Also, this style fits easy chiffon skirt with different lengths.

Hippies of all the times are ardent fans of different accessories. With its help they even achieved greater brightness and unusualness for their style. Many of these accessories are handmade: baubles bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags, headbands. Men wear original earrings in their ears. Hippie shoes should be simple and not bright. It must perfectly combine with the rich colors of clothing. Perhaps the most important and meaningful hippie symbol is the sign of peace. All hippie clothes talk about freedom from the stereotypes and society opinions. Hippie style is a challenge to this boring and gray world.