Traditional Girl Scout Fundraising Activity

An old tradition of door-to-door selling cookies by girl scouts first appeared in 1917. This kind of fundrasing was invented by the members of scouts’ organization to cover the charges on holding different events for children and to help people who needed charity donations. At first Girl Scouts sell cookies baked by themselves or their mums, and in 1936 they began to involve rated baking companies. The number of boxes sold by the girls grew from year to year, and nowadays they usually sell the production of several different companies in each state. The process of selling didn’t stop even during the World War II and at that time it included several charity actions.

Girl Scout Cookies Recipes

As we have observed, at the beginning of cookies selling activity there was no single cookie recipe. Using certain recipes first took place in 1950, and 6 years later they became known all over the country. Today the list of popular bakery includes:
  • chocolate wafers Thin Mints with mint flavor and chocolate covering;
  • cookies with vanilla flavor and caramel coating (Caramel deLites);
  • Peanut Butter Patties vanilla flavored and peanut butter layered;
  • oatmeal cookies with peanut butter layer (Peanut Butter Sandwiches);
  • trefoil leaf shaped Shortbreads;
  • lemon iced Lemonades;
  • Thank-a Lot shortbreads containing thank you messages and about 5 more recipes.
Shortbreads, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter sandwiches are ‘eternal recipes’ which are offered and sold by Girl Scout organization each year, and the other variants of the list may be changed according with their popularity rating.


There are several motivation ideas which inspire little girls to take up door-to-door cookies selling. They are prizes (usually toys or a little percent of money), feeling themselves adult, popular and important. ‘Cookie Queens’ are praised at school and their achievements become part of school history. Every Girl Scout wishes to make the greatest selling rate and become such a queen and uses different innovation facilities to attain it: involves adults, visits public events and so on. Experienced cookie sellers give the younger colleagues useful tips and even create special manuals.