Free defense for Androids (free virus removal)

Swift rate of life and the necessity of solving a lot of task ‘on run’ stimulated the creation of compact and portable devices with access to global network and possibility to execute various tasks. As a result, such "mini-versions" of personal computer as IPads and smartphones were created. The support of Android operation system makes them even more similar to their original. It allows downloading hundreds of programs for work, studies, entertaining and of course antiviruses.

Everybody knows that large producers of antivirus software trying to attract corporate customers offer the users free antivirus removal like a kind of promo product. Today facilitated versions of Avast, Dr.Web and Comodo are accessible for Android operated gadgets.

Modern virus removals not only provide safety of your computer, smartphone or plane-table but present such functions as anti-theft, firewall, web-screen. They also offer the users such opportunities as:
  • to install filters for calls and sms,
  • to carry out scheduled scan-out,
  • to determine the location of your device and carry out its remote blocking,
  • to produce remote memory cleaning,
  • to control applications,
  • to update information and a lot of other options.

Free virus removals for androids have comfortable graphic interface and allows to influence work parameters of application according to user’s needs and set the optimal level of defense for your gadget. For example, a new version of Dr.Web Light can boast its fast-acting and improved stability of monitor work. Now it can rectify the apk-files protected from decompilation through the utility of APK Protect. The upgraded panel of notification provides fast access to scan-out and the opportunity of opening necessary windows without interrupting the process of scanning. Besides, downloading and installing such an application won’t be a problem even for a child. It will take the user just a couple of minutes. Before installation you can watch a video guide to carry out the process easy and quickly.