Free SMS for Android

When you for the first time bought Android- phone, you definitely want to use all the advantages that it provide. The most powerful, which became well-spread during a few last years, are free messaging feature which allows sending messages like SMS through the Internet. In this article presented three hottest and the most used apps of spring 2014.

1) WhatsApp
Produced in winter 2009 WhatsApp started quickly gather user masses. In a few years number of users reached 50 million. Last year the company owners changed their free of charge policy; nowadays WhatsApp provide with one year of free app using, and 0.99$ for the each next year. The main differences from other free-messaging apps are its user-friendly interface, the big base of users, with 450 million of active users, and the simplicity of use.

2) Telegram
The novice free-messaging app called Telegram has achieved the position of the hottest one messaging app in the world this spring. With the big speed of the message transferring, with the advanced security model Telegram appeared to be the brilliant choice for scrupulous users. Free of charge, fully secured, granted the high speed, free of ads are all characteristics which describe Telegram.

3) Kik Messanger
With more than 90 of users, Kik Messanger is another app that cannot be skipped in this top. Likewise Whatsapp and Telegram, Kik Messanger provide with all essential features for comfortable free text messaging. Among them are sending of photos, and having the group chats. Innovative features of this app is downloadable emoticons, memes, and drawn sketches. Kik Messanger provides you with privacy settings, so you can hide your email and phone number, and can be secured from malefactors.

What to choose amid these apps is up to you. Definitely is better to make the life more comfortable by using innovative apps for Android-phone; the potential of free-messaging apps worth to spend time for learning how to use them. All the apps described above are available for download in your phone Android Market (Google Play).

The videos below present the information how to start using apps, and some reviews:
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