Free call for Android

Android is a mobile operating system invented by Google. It has become very popular all over the world because it’s easy to use and there are many benefits when compared with other operating systems. In my opinion the most important advantage of Android is that you can make calls completely free provided you have a WiFi connection.

So when you buy an Android phone it usually comes with several preinstalled applications and you can also download Android WiFi calling apps from the online Google Play Market.

The most popular free call application is Skype. I think everyone knows how to make voice and video calls via Skype. And it works on Android phones very well. Many people have Skype account and use free calls for work and personal communication across the world.

Another widely used app for free calls is Google Voice. You can make domestic and international calls, as with Skype, but more importantly that you can use one phone number for your home, work, and cell phone, it doesn't matter where you are, you can be available at the same number everywhere. This video will show you how to make free calls from an Android phone via Google Voice:

The third place in popularity takes Viber. It’s easy to make free calls with your Android via Viber. It works in a similar way to Skype, but there is not a video call function. How to use Viber:

Fring for Android is another option to make free calls around the world. You can call as many as four people at the same time. And the quality in voice and video calls is extremely good. Detailed information about this app can be found at the following web site:

Finally I want to introduce you to an app called Tango. It includes free international voice and video calling anywhere in the world. In addition you have the ability to play games while you are making video calls. I think it’s very popular among young people who love to have fun. It’s simple to set up and it provides high quality video and audio.