Free antivirus for mobil

To protect the mobile phone it is unessential to buy expensive antivirus programs. There are the free decisions providing effective protection. We will consider best of them:

  1. Norton Mobile Security Lite. At start of the given application, the main tab does not bear a lot of information. The check course in percentage parity and the end result is reflected. Scanning passes without harm to quality by criterion of efficiency. Scanning options practically are not actual. There is a chance of check of a flash card or only the built in memory mobil. The program works as well in a background, checking installed applications. For an exchange of the statistical information and fast reaction to new threats network Norton Comminity Watch is used. It suggests joining at the first application launch. After installation Norton Mobile Security Lite occupies 13,5 MB.

  2. Comodo Mobile Security. One of the most multipurpose and adjusted applications (earlier was called Comodo Antivirus Free) for free protection of mobile devices. Besides a classical set of antivirus components, in it there is a traffic-manager showing network activity of each application separately: in cellular networks and at connection on Wi-Fi. With the rights of the user in the traffic-manager it is practicable to use the elementary program firewall. Among additional utilities is present «optimization systems», reduced to clearing of a cache and clearing of operative remembrance. There is a convenient manager of active processes, the component of blocking of undesirable calls and SMS, the protected storehouse of the data and the scheduler of tasks. Comodo is able to carry out reserve copying of contacts, SMS and applications on a flash card. Finishes the list of additional tools the link to loading of the free supplement promising «intellectual management of the battery».

  3. Antiy Labs AVL. As well as the previous antivirus, at AVL have a protection in real time and check. The expanded options of scanning allow considering atypical interrelations between files (an indirect sign of infection). Also the antivirus makes the analysis of files AndroidManifest.xml for definition of legitimacy of options of a configuration of applications and their rights. AVL checks byte-code of virtual car Dalvik (files.dex) and executed files of format ELF irrespective of their expansion.
It not all effective free antivirus for mobil, use their and your device it will be protected.