Firewall software

Each day thousands of PC users become the victims of cyber criminals. Malefactors steal personal data and then use it for different criminal purposes. So, if a network, computer or any other computing device is connected to the Internet then it has to be protected against the unauthorized access. One of the most reliable security systems is a firewall. In lay terms, firewall lies between the computer (computing device, network) and Internet. This system analyzes carefully the data exiting and entering PC and network. The data that comes from suspicious or just insecure locations is blocked. So firewall provides the user with a kind of protective barrier and prevents the attacks and information thefts.

Firewall can be either software or hardware. Software firewall is quite good choice for individual users who would like to protect personal data stored on home PC against maleficent programs and cyber criminals. Software firewall can be described as the piece of specific software installed on computer. PC owner is allowed to customize this software and control it's functions and features. As it was mentioned before, firewall blocks almost all kinds of viruses, including simple programs, like e-mail worms, Trojans and quite complex piggybacking software. It blocks unsafe applications from being installed and run on PC. So the outside attempts to gain unauthorized access to personal data are stopped. Beside of that, almost all software firewalls allow the user to set up safe file sharing, web filtering, etc. Such a comprehensive set of safeguard measures prevents the intrusions and assures data privacy.

Today there is a great amount of software to choose from. It should be noticed that some programs are incompatible with certain operating systems. Before purchasing commercial program or downloading free software the user has to clarify the information about the compatibility and system resources required to run the software firewall. After the purchase the user has to download program updates released by the developers on a regular basis, as updated versions of software firewall usually offer enhanced protection features.