Dance clothes

A dance costume is the clothing, which a dancer is to wear during his performance. A dance costume becomes a part of the whole performance revealing and expressing the character of the dancer. For this purpose, tailors pay a great attention on the material used. It must not become a drawback for movements of the dancer. For this the most commonly used materials are jersey, silk, chiffon, Lycra and Georgette. Such fabrics are quite stretchable and don’t restrict movements. Cotton is also used a lot due to its feature of absorbing dye well. This happens when there is a need to dye the costume of a dance. Anyway, sometimes one must create an immobile and square look. For this purpose tailors use stiff fabrics. Nowadays, there are also dance shows, where dancers also wear lighted costumes, or clothes with feathers and abnormal huge elements as decorations.

Dance costumes with shiny huge feathers are mainly used in traditional Brazilian Carnival- the most famous greatest dance show worldwide!
Dance clothes may vary depending on the dance style. They may be traditionally similar through many decades. For example ceremonial and folk dances demand traditional clothes with elements and ornaments of a traditional design. The color must also coincide with the requirements of the dance.

Ballet dancers have been wearing nearly the same dance costume since ballet was created. Its dancers are to imitate swans, that’s the reason of wearing a white “tutu” or pants. A tutu is a white skirt with attached bodice, that dancers wear during their ballet performance. With the time passed, the style of tutu changed a little. It became shorter, sparkles added and colors changed a little. Nowadays ballet clothes are not only white colored, but they may be of pink, blue, golden and even black colors. The latter, in case of which a ballet dancer becomes a black swan, has gained a great popularity recently.

Modern dances give an opportunity to wear free clothes. Sometimes dancers may wear even boots, sport clothes and jeans. Though most stage-directors create such costumes for their dancers, which are typical only for that particular performance. Even strip dancers have special dance clothes, which are worn only for shows.
As the present time allows everyone feel himself a dancer on the dance floors of multitude clubs, everybody is free to wear any dance cloth, which makes him feel comfortable in movements and stylish in look!