Cloud antiviruses

An emergence of cloud computing and the growth of their popularity entailed special cloud anti-virus software.

The first one amongst them was “Panda Cloud Antivirus” with a bit more than 20 Mb distributive size, that was born at the beginning of 2010. “Panda” has several remarkable features. First is a very simple user interface. Second is a fully automatic activity – “Panda” decides by itself what activity to undertake when it detects malefic program code. Third lies in the fact that when “Panda” is unable to overcome malefic program code by itself it provides user with appropriate internet link that will help him to defeat particular virus manually. This feature is unique “Panda’s” peculiarity.

The second by popularity cloud anti-virus is “Immunet Protect”. Its distributive is very small – only a couple of Mb. Developers recommend usage of this cloud anti-virus together with Norton Anti-virus. Nowadays there are almost 1 mln. users of this anti-virus software and it’s signature base exceeds 21 mln. examples of malware program code.

And the third popular cloud anti-virus is “Pervx” with 1 Mb distributive size. It is able to perform heuristic analysis, real-time scanning and to work in background mode. “Pervx” also can work together with different web-browsers by embedding it’s modules into browser executive code. So, the functionality of “Pervx” doesn’t concedes the functionality of abovementioned anti-viruses. On the other hand “Pervx” has one great disadvantage – its cost is around $35 while the competitors are totally free. Free version of “Pervx” can only detect malware-type program code.

All these three cloud anti-viruses were tested for quality and productivity by the following indexes: total amount of detected threats, elapsed time and usage of network traffic. The results of tests were compared not only among these 3 cloud anti-viruses, but with standard anti-virus alternatives, such us “Kaspersky Internet Security” and “Microsoft Security Essentials”. The most reliable amongst cloud anti-viruses was recognized “Panda Cloud Antivirus”. Despite the fact that cloud anti-viruses nowadays are unable to replace standard anti-virus alternatives fully they are worthy replacement for managing standard everyday protection tasks.