Anti theft software for Android

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets became an integral part of everyday people's life. These devices usually contain important data and personal information and even fond memories, kept in photos or messages. Modern gadgets allow their owners to connect to the Internet. Such a useful feature is actually fraught with danger, as devices, connected to world wide web are regularly attacked by malware, spyware and viruses. In result, personal data stored on computing devices may be stolen and used by fraudsters. Beside of that, the gadget with important information may be stolen by the thieves.

There are special anti-theft applications, designed to protect smart devices and prevent data from falling into wrong hands. Android-based gadgets are very popular nowadays, so specialists developed specific applications, compatible to this platform. Three most popular anti-theft apps are listed below.

One of the most reliable safeguard application is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. It is a multipurpose program, which includes both antivirus and anti-theft functions. After the purchase each user gets his/her own personal Kaspersky account. By using this account the owner of Android-based device can remotely lock the device, wipe off or hide important data or know the details of new SIM card, installed to smartphone.

Another application, which helps to protect the device and data from possible threats is Avast!Anti-Theft. This application is a really feature-rich one. It allows the owner to lock stolen device, track it's location, delete the data remotely, activate an alarm and even take the picture of the thief. This application operates in Stealth mode; no one besides it's owner can disable or uninstall it.

The developers of popular AVG antivirus created special anti-theft program for Android. The application allows the user to access data remotely via web-site, delete all personal information and track the location of GPS-enabled device. Also it has antivirus features.

These days, when mobile thefts are major causes of concern, gadgets' owners have to take preventive measures to assure information and devices safety. Anti-theft application is a great solution for people who would like to protect important data in case of smart device theft.