Some methods of turning Android-smartphone in the iPhone

"Transformation» of Android-smartphone devices into devices like the iPhone or Windows Phone (or even vice versa) - a very common employment, and very many users want to do it for himself. This allows them to enjoy the functionality of a mobile platform, while maintaining the appearance of the other. For those who are interested, we can tell three of the most common methods of turning Android-smartphone in the iPhone.

Initially, the authors propose to think about what exactly you are willing to be satisfied - if you need a kind of «true» iPhone, then you must just ... buy iPhone. Neither launcher / ROM / manufacturer of custom software is not able to fully replicate the form iOS, and methods are proposed here as possible optimal, but they cannot provide a complete «originality» iOS.

Method 1 - ADW and GO launchers.
The most common and safest way to do Android «as iPhone» is not very hard - you must just download and install ADW or GO launcher. Both offer their own set of unique features, but have at the same time, one common aspect - theming (design interface with using "themes"). The choice offered to download a variety of topics - the originals, clones, hybrids in different variations, which will give the device a distinct look.

Despite the fact that it is the most customizable and easiest method, not all peoples are his fans. First, the quality of some free themes leaves much to be desired, and paid themes are more expensive than full applications. Second, because these topics are imposed on top of the launcher and not created "from scratch", they have a number of flaws and "irregularities".

You can found dozens of themes for iPhone with using search of Android Market.

Method 2 - Launcher Espier
This method like first only because he also involves the use of the launcher. The difference is that Espier launcher has been designed from the ground up to look and work as Springboard platform iOS.
But Espier launcher comes with a search engine type Spotlight, folders, "jiggle mode" (this is called «jiggly mode»), the option "remove one-click" and other functions, which can't provide ADW and GO launchers.

Method 3 - Flash MIUI ROM
MIUI is custom firmware, which can be stitched any device from the list of supported systems. The procedure involves obtaining root access to the device, downloading MIUI, reset to factory settings, wipe cache, and then the emergence of MIUI.
This method is good because it is absolutely free, besides MIUI looks and works really well. MIUI provides a good set of extensions and additional services, for example, applications, Music, Gallery, Camera, powerful notification service and flexible theming.