How To Turn Your Android into an iPhone

The controversy between Apple and Android fans seems to be never ending: two totally different operating systems, screen interfaces and ideologies, in spite of applying some similar functions and principles. But some Android holders would really like to try themselves in iOS using without surely buying a new iPhone devise.

Nowadays it is possible to integrate these two worlds together with help of numerous apps. Basically the applications are free provided by Google Play store, but you can also find some apps to be paid.

The applications are easy to find and install, they mostly include control panel, launcher, iOS-screen and notifications, also dialer, calendar, calculator and contact list appear like on original iPhone.

The screen of true iPhone comes instead of Android interface after installing. But the thing is all these launchers make only basic things in Android new iOS-look, although if the user have some patience and good imagination it is quite easy to improve basic appearance, sort folders, remove useless icons, fit required icons into a single page and so on. Anyway the launchers bring enough iOS details to feel full taste of iPhone using or to trick some of friends with your new Android device with iOS look.

The detailed description of installing and using some of launchers is here
One of the highly rated by users apps to create a new iOS 7 screen are Nova Launcher, free apps of Real iOS 7 Launcher, iOS 7 Control Center and iOS 7 Calculator and many others. It is also easy to get and install them from the Play store. After rebooting the screen looks very similar to iPhone interface, but as many users refer, most icons are not properly connected with appropriate apps. So it is really some unusual and disappointing way of using the device after this replacement in original style. In addition some new useless icons arise, which have no way to access any apps. Unfortunately similar mistakes have nearly all the apps which propose to turn your Android into an iPhone.

To conclude it is not very difficult to replace screen view of Android device, but normal using will take some user´s patience. Anyway if getting an original iPhone is not possible, Android owner can always test it so long as he likes it.